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Target Audience: Busy professionals who want a break

Problem to be solved: People get caught up in the stress

of their jobs and day-to-day lives and are so over-connected

to their technology that they don’t find time to relax and rejuvenate.

Objective: Create a resort that lets guests disconnect from their devices and their stress so they can reconnect with themselves

Tone: Calm, relaxing, harmonious

Deliverables: Brand identity with several components including

a tea bar, branded products, and a general atmosphere

gassho building copy.jpg



A one-of-a-kind resort located on a lake outside of San Francisco, Gassho is inspired by the beauty of nature. This rejuvenating retreat has a calming, relaxing, and mindful environment to help you find peace of mind. 


At Gassho your morning alarm is the sound of a Zen singing bowl, your morning beverage is herbal tea, and your time is free from electronic disturbance. You can begin your day by taking a mindful walk around the lake or simply enjoying some quiet time in nature.​​​​​​​


Gassho provides a unique Zen experience with private yoga sessions, guided meditation, soothing massage, and a heated saltwater pool to rejuvenate your mind and body.


An East Asian and Middle Eastern inspired tea bar

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 5.22.10 PM.png

Gassho Tea Bar provides an atmosphere that encourages you to center yourself
and enjoy a moment of peace while having a delicious cup of herbal tea

teaset copy.png
tea-menue copy.jpg

Take a pack of Gassho herbal tea home...

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