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Dreamer represents my life journey, my passion, and the challenges I faced and overcame. The design is inspired by cubism.


The combination of a spiral base with a seat composed of geometric and distorted shapes makes this chair unique and bold.

The single, long continuous line creates a spiral base that represents the transformational nature of my journey. The spiral is a universal symbol of transformation. The distorted shapes of the seat symbolize the challenges

I faced.

In the comfort of this chair, I can lean back, close my eyes, and reflect on

the journey that took me from where I have been to where I am now.


Violet velvet:  Signifies  strength, peace, and wisdom 

creating a feeling of inner peace 


Stainless steel: Strong base 

Spiral: My journey, growth, and transformation 

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1_01 copy.jpg

The message I hope to express with this design is: Be a dreamer,

fight for your dreams and create your own reality. The challenges

you face and overcome shape you into a strong individual.

Let your journey inspire what you do in life. 

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