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Target Audience: Children between the ages of 6 - 10 


Objective: To celebrate diversity and each other's differences

Tone: Colorful, fun, friendly, welcoming, warm

Deliverables: Box, coloring book



The children’s book, Black is a Rainbow Color, is a beautiful celebration of Black culture and a source of positivity and pride about Black history. The package is designed to teach kids to celebrate diversity and each other's differences. It includes an activity to engage and educate children between the ages of 6 -10 about Black American culture and the value of living in a diverse community where every color is celebrated.

blackisa rainbowcolor copy.png


Black is a Rainbow Color is filled with lively illustrations that make it fun for the kids to read. To entice the teacher and the kids, I featured playful illustrations from the book throughout the package. My aim was to create an inviting box that has a colorful, yet clean look.


The package includes 25 Black is a Rainbow Color books, 25 coloring books, colored paper, a Polaroid camera glue sticks.  


How it works:

After the teacher reads the book out loud, students share what they learned. They then create a paper quilt, using the colored paper provided. They take pictures of each other with the Polaroid camera and glue them to the paper quilt.


The purpose of this activity is for students to realize that when they put all these colors together it creates a beautiful and unique piece that a single color can’t create. The colorful quilt, featuring photos of the students, represents a community of people of different colors and ethnicities that the kids can appreciate and celebrate. The kids take the coloring books home and color them. 

They bring them back to school to show each other their unique ways of using a rainbow of colors. 

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